Outdoor Living: Extend Your Living Space to Your Patio!

At last it feels like summer! As we make our plans for dinners and parties, our patios become our outdoor living space for relaxing and entertaining. This year, why not really embrace that idea and make your patio an inviting extension of your home?outdoor living patio

Here are some of our favourite ideas:

Continue colour. A great way to extend your living space visually is to use a similar colour palette outside. Plants, cushions, serving dishes, table linens – there are lots of ways to bring the colours of your living room to your patio.

Continue style. Whether your home is farmhouse chic, mid-century modern or anything in between, extend that same style sensibility to your patio. With the abundance of outdoor furniture and décor items available, you can create an outdoor haven as personalized as your home.

Accessories available at Stoney Creek FurnitureAdd accessories. Pillows, throws, candles and sculpture help bring a patio come to life. Today there are weather resistant fabrics for your cushions, umbrellas and more that are as durable as they are beautiful. HINT: Look for a small (but charming!) outdoor storage trunk that you can use to shelter more delicate items during storms.

Hang a picture. This is one of the very best ways to individualize your outdoor space. Hang a weather-friendly picture on the outside wall of your home. There are gorgeous items available in metal, stone and wood that look even better as they become distressed.

Incorporate small planters and boxes. Of course, plants are the most appropriate accessory of all. Choose some bright pots, beautiful blooms and enjoy! Try a grouping of different plants in a single colour or be bold with contrast. This year, cacti and succulents are very trendy and make a stunning style statement.

Think vertically. Don’t forget that vertical interest can totally transform your outdoor space! Look for outdoor shelving or convert an old ladder to showcase plants. A shelf near your back door is an ideal place to display herbs to use in your kitchen.

Recycle. Don’t discard that tired piece of furniture. Give it a new life on your patio. It’s easy to repaint an old chair or table to give it a new look and make it weather resilient. My plan this summer is to paint an old rocking chair in a bright colour – and curl up in it on my patio!

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