The Hottest Patterns and Prints for 2018

February 13, 2018

At long last, traditional neutrals are stepping back as colour comes forward in our homes – in rich jewel tones, warm shades like terra cotta and colours that act as neutrals (like sage and navy). With this joyous refocus on colour also comes a renewed interest in patterns and prints. What are the latest trends […]

Hygge and Wabi-Sabi: What They Are and How to Experience Them in Your Home

January 19, 2018

Have you heard of hygge and wabi-sabi? They are lifestyle/décor approaches that are rooted in very different cultures, yet they encompass philosophies that are beautifully intertwined. Both are about appreciating simplicity, embracing comfort and finding joy in everyday pleasures. Hygge and wabi-sabi are trending right now, yet they reflect an aesthetic that is timeless. Sound interesting? Here’s […]