How to Mix Textures for Maximum Impact

Texture plays a huge role in how a space looks and feels. Whether smooth or nubby, soft or rough, texture adds both visual and tactile interest to a room. What’s more, texture can help you express a theme or style. For example, lace and white wicker are inherently romantic, distressed wood is rustic, metals and acrylics are modern, while silk draperies and polished woods lean toward traditional. And now the fun begins! Mixing these textures and styles creates an eclectic space that is inviting, multi-dimensional and very on trend.

Curated Collection

Curated Collection

Let’s look at some tips for mixing textures and a furniture collection that does it beautifully.

  • Think contrast. The trick to mixing textures is to fearlessly contrast. Mix sleek and glossy with coarse and rugged. Add a sparkling mirror to a rustic room; place sleek metal furniture on rough wood floor; try an embroidered throw pillow on a modern leather sofa.
  • Create a focal point. An exciting way to mix textures is to choose a focal point in a style/texture that’s different from the room’s theme. For example, opt for a rugged iron canopy bed in a bedroom with traditional glossy wood furniture.
  • Unify with colour. A neutral palette or use of a single colour across textures prevents a space from becoming overwhelmed by diversity. Keep colour subdued when you want to showcase a wide variety of textures – there’s so much beauty in texture, it doesn’t need intense hues or patterns.
  • Balance with some repetition. Again, you need to ground mixed textures with some commonality. The Curated Collection featured here does it perfectly with clean lines across all pieces. It’s wonderfully simple and sleek with minimal curves. Look for ways to harmonize by echoing furniture textures in your accessories or by repeating a leg style, for example.
Curated Collection

Curated Collection

Meet the Curated Collection.

The Curated Collection brings a mix of furniture styles, medias, tones and textures together artfully. The impression is relaxed yet sophisticated – and incredibly chic. This is mix and match at its finest, allowing you to express your personal style with confidence. Upholstered elements, metal accents and rustic woods mix effortlessly and harmoniously. For example, you can pair an upholstered bed with a rustic accent table or try it with a metal table. The effect is totally different, but either way, the combination is unified and pleasing!

One of the very best things about the Curated Collection is its versatility. Blend it with furnishings you already own – anything from French Country to Urban Chic – or recreate your home with this gorgeous line! There are pieces for the bedroom, dining room, office and living room. There’s a wonderful freedom in knowing everything coordinates yet never looks matched or contrived.

Mixing textures requires just a little know how and a great spirit of adventure! Experiment and enjoy!

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