Less Stress and More Comfort: Tips to Make Your Space Feel Zen

Let’s face it – life can be very stressful. Thank goodness we can make our homes into a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. At the end of the day, open the door to your own little getaway, go inside and sigh. You’re HOME! Here are some of our favourite Zen ideas to inspire you!

Lifestyle Furnishings

Why not? Consider adjustable furnishings that help you unwind and make the most of your leisure time.

Adjustable Lifestyle Foundation. If you love watching TV, reading, knitting or using your laptop in bed, an adjustable foundation is a great idea. Maximize your comfort by adjusting your head and feet with the simple touch of a button. They’re super comfy and supportive for sleeping too!

Lifestyle foundations offer maximum comfort.

An adjustable lifestyle foundation offers maximum comfort.

Adjustable/Power Recliners and Gliders. These attractive, versatile chairs are supremely comfortable, whether you need extra support for physical reasons or you’re simply looking for an accent chair that takes downtime seriously!

Zero Gravity Recliner

Recline all the way back in this Zero Gravity Recliner.

Relaxing Scents

Essential oils and candles with natural scents help whisk away stress and encourage you to unwind. Everyone loves the calming scent of lavender, but rose, bergamot and chamomile are also soothing.

Natural and Soft Light

Choose natural lighting when possible or opt for soft, gentle light that is easy on the eyes and spirit. Too bright lighting can be irritating; choose multiple sources of soft light rather than a single glaring fixture.

Natural Accessories

Plants are an easy way to make a space more Zen (and reduce toxins!). But don’t choose something fussy that creates stress – go low maintenance with cacti, succulents, a peace lily or philodendron. HINT: Nature-inspired prints and patterns on fabrics can also be calming – and are very on trend!

Cozy two-piece sofa chaise

Relax with a soft, neutral palette.

Soft Palette

There’s a reason spas aren’t painted orange or red! If you want your home to be a retreat, choose neutrals and hues like soft blue, a wash of pink or sea foam green.


Nothing creates more stress than mess! Store clutter out of sight and look for attractive storage options like benches, armoires or hall chests.

Snuggle Up

Add extra luxury to your bed, sofa or side chair with cozy, soft throws and pillows. Whatever the season, a little covering is always a welcome addition.

Create a zen bedroom with lots of pillows, throws and blankets.

Create a zen bedroom with lots of pillows and throws.

Take your relaxation seriously and make your home a stress-free oasis of comfort!

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