How to Get the Industrial Look (Loft Optional!)

August 18, 2017 by Leanne

Ever look longingly at pictures of city lofts and converted factories? The rugged beauty and urban sensibility of these spaces is definitely envy worthy and of course, perfect for industrial decor. But before you abandon hope of enjoying industrial style in your ‘regular’ house, read on. Industrial chic is more attainable than you think!

Kirby Collection

Kirby Collection

The key words are “exposed” and “utilitarian”.

In an industrial home, the inner workings of the space are proudly displayed. Whether pipes, plumbing, exposed brick or support beams, there’s nothing to hide. Unrealistic for your home? How about adding a wall of brick to your kitchen or installing steel columns or adding distressed wood beams to your ceiling?

Showcase bold, graphic art.

Murals, large canvases of abstract art and simple graphics, letters, numbers and symbols are ideal for industrial spaces. Oftentimes paintings are done right on the walls and brick for an organic look.

Embrace simplicity.

The essence of industrial chic is simplicity. Adornment should be minimal and functional. Furniture may have features like castors. There is a feeling of purposefulness in every element of an industrial space – reminiscent of the hard-working factories that inspired it.

Reuse and repurpose.

Vintage mixed with new is typical of industrial style. If you can find original hardwood floors, architectural elements or fixtures from an industrial building, go for it! Reclaimed and reused is integral to industrial chic.

Bent Dining Collection

Bent Dining Collection

Choose the right metals.

When you’re buying new furnishings and accessories, seek metals that blend with the spirit of original industrial artifacts. Wrought and cast iron, nickel and copper (a little tarnish is welcome) fit the bill.

Accent with rugged fabrics.

Think unpretentious and utilitarian, never fancy. Wool, distressed leather, worn suede and durable cottons suit industrial styling perfectly. Items like classic army blankets are prizes.

Keep it neutral.

Classic neutrals best showcase industrial simplicity. Monochromatic colour schemes are popular. Keep in mind that matte black paint can transform accessories and old furnishings into industrial treasures. Touches of black are very on trend.

Consider concrete.

The epitome of industrial ruggedness, concrete works well on floors, countertops and for accent items like planters.

Remember, any home can showcase industrial chic – it’s about paying attention to details and staying true to rugged simplicity. Keep in mind too that you can always blend industrial with contemporary, transitional or even farmhouse styling for a warmer, eclectic atmosphere.

Refresh Your Space with Accent Chairs

August 11, 2017 by Leanne

One of the best ways to update a room is to add an accent chair. Not only will you provide extra seating (so practical!), accent chairs will enhance the style, palette and vibe of a space. With the extraordinary diversity of accent chairs available today, there’s no limit to how you can rejuvenate – even redefine – a room with the right chair choice. Read on…

Accent Chairs

We have accent chairs available in variety of styles, shapes, materials and sizes.


Retro. Contemporary. Traditional. Ultra Modern. Industrial. French Country. Curved. Linear. Sleek. Ornate. What style is calling your name? Explore, explore, explore. Find the chair of your dreams. Maybe two chairs. Maybe more. The impact they make on a space is huge.


From a slipper chair to a club chair, from a wing back chair to a recliner, from an elegant Bergere chair to a simple rattan armchair – every silhouette adds its unique charm to a room. Match to your existing seating and décor theme, or introduce a chair that’s in bold contrast. Very cool. Very exciting.


Again, diversity reigns. Choose from wood (dark and glossy to rugged and distressed), metal finishes (iron, gold, silver and bronze), leathers (smooth or distressed), suede and of course, fabric in every conceivable colour and pattern.

Accent Chairs

Retro. Contemporary. Traditional. Ultra Modern. Industrial. French Country. Curved. Linear. Sleek. Ornate. What’s your favourite style?

The Unexpected.

There’s a definite movement towards the unique and unusual in accent chairs. Whether it’s a bright turquoise leather, a thick faux fur upholstery, a bold floral on a conservative silhouette, accent chairs are fresher than ever. Whimsy abounds. Adventure calls. Have fun!


Don’t forget practicality! Will your chair be used a lot? Is it for reading or watching TV? Will it help define a conversation nook? Function, durability and comfort are still priorities.


These days, almost anything goes in terms of mixing and matching. Experiment with eclectic and try an accent chair in juxtaposition to your room’s style. Or add an accent chair with a bright pop of colour in your neutral space. But be cautious. Be sure seat heights are balanced, that the scale is consistent and that there’s a unifying element to keep the look cohesive.

One of my favourite things about accent chairs is that they work in just about every room! Go beyond the living room. Add accent chair chic to your bedroom, bathroom, foyer – everywhere.