Retirement Living: Achieving Practicality with Style

February 24, 2017 by Leanne

Do you have older parents who are moving into your home? Or perhaps you are looking to downsize to retirement living yourself? Either way, there are plenty of décor considerations and inspiration starts here…

Blue, grey and cream tones tie the room together.

Recently, a local retirement home came to the design team at Stoney Creek Furniture to create a multi-purpose studio room that was practical and functional – but still warm and welcoming. We were so pleased with the room, we thought we’d share some pictures as well as some lessons learned.


Décor Choices. Our designers wanted to give this room a feminine touch, so they chose soft blue, grey and cream tones. The result is unified, warm and wonderfully easy to live in. The room has a rustic edge which is on trend, but the overall feeling is still charming, cozy and classic.

Retirement Living

The Weatherford dresser with neutral wash finish works well in a smaller space.

Furnishings. The Weatherford collection was the choice for the dresser and side tables – very solid yet very pretty, featuring a neutral washed corn silk finish. There is a slight antique and rustic look to the accessories to bring out the beautiful characteristic of the furniture. An adjustable bed from Serta (paired with an on-trend upholstered headboard) and an IMG lift chair focus on accessible living without sacrificing good looks. A pouf tucked off to the side makes an impromptu seat for kids!

The IMG lift chair ads a modern but practical touch.


When you’re decorating a multi-purpose space, for retirement or for any age, these tips will help make it fresh and functional:

  • Small on size, big on style. With so many people adhering to the ‘less is more’ philosophy, there are lots of downsized apartment and condo furnishings available today including sofas, side chairs, tables, etc. It makes it easy to decorate a space to scale rather than overwhelming it with pieces that are too large.
  • Go tactile. Every space should be filled with items that both look good and feel good. Don’t overlook texture when decorating a smaller space. Consider a shag rug, a nubby throw, a leather sofa and distressed wood tables for example.
  • Fill it with love. A retirement room, even in a facility, should still be filled with cherished things. It will make both the resident and guests feel good to see memories, hobbies and collectibles displayed.
  • Add colour. Don’t feel the room has to be beige and grey to be practical! Celebrate jewel tones, try navy as a neutral, add exciting hints of aqua or coral, even go chic with a little black.
  • Display nature. Whether it’s a small bouquet of flowers, a tropical plant or a grouping of greenery, bringing natural elements into any room adds instant appeal and beauty.
  • Keep it cozy. A multi-purpose space often needs to be both a bedroom and living room, so make sure it’s always inviting. Add throws or cushions to the chairs, put down a rug, display wall hangings that are warm and cheerful. Antique and rustic elements (like we used in the featured display) are informal, yet still polished.

Introducing Magnolia Home Furnishings: What’s Your Home’s Story?

February 16, 2017 by Leanne
Magnolia Home

Magnolia Home now at Stoney Creek Furniture

When Joanna Gaines designed Magnolia Home, her goal wasn’t to simply create furniture – it was to create timeless pieces that help tell your home’s unique story. The furniture is an expression of the joy of home and family. “Home is the most important place,” says Gaines. “My passion is to help people create beautiful and meaningful spaces in their home.”

Magnolia Home

Magnolia Home now at Stoney Creek Furniture


Magnolia Home was designed exclusively by Joanna with each piece of the collection having family, aesthetic appeal and practicality in mind. Her characteristic style is evident throughout – vintage elements, country freshness and a touch of urban chic. The look is inspired, fun, friendly, simple, comfortable – not to mention affordable! Joanna wanted Magnolia Home to be a style families can live in, at a price families can afford.

“Sometimes you see a product line and you immediately say ‘yes!’. It’s a connection, a certainty that this is something that our customers will absolutely love. Magnolia Home is a perfect example. It’s unique, it’s not just another copy of a trend and it’s priced affordably. The quality and functionality are there but more than that, the ‘spirit’ is just right.” -Lori, Merchandise Manager, Stoney Creek Furniture

Magnolia Home

Magnolia Home now at Stoney Creek Furniture

Every Room

Magnolia Home has pieces for every room in your home: living room, dining room, bedroom, and office, even kitchen islands and bath storage units are available. While there is an overall vintage meets chic quality to the line, each piece fits into a specific genre: Boho, Farm, French Inspired, Industrial, Primitive or Traditional. The attention to detail shows the care and craftsmanship Joanna has put into each and every design.

Magnolia Home

Magnolia Home now at Stoney Creek Furniture

Magnolia Home Accessories

Speaking of detail, Magnolia Home also includes accessories and accents that really complete the look: from letter holders to metal buckets for display; from clocks to metal trays.

“There was a sign displayed in Magnolia Home’s showroom that said ‘Be silly, be honest, be kind’. That’s precisely the genuineness and warmth we want to bring to our customers. I just know that you will relate to Magnolia Home as we did!” -Lori, Merchandise Manager, Stoney Creek Furniture

We are honest-to-goodness excited about Magnolia Home! Come on in and get inspired. Stoney Creek Furniture is Ontario’s largest retailer of this exciting new line. Our Stoney Creek location has a more complete selection, but our Vaughan store also showcases select pieces.

Magnolia Home

Magnolia Home now at Stoney Creek Furniture

PS We are holding a contest to win a Magnolia Home queen canopy bed valued at over $1,500! To enter, you must visit one of our stores and fill out a ballot. While you’re here, I promise, you’ll fall in love with this gorgeous collection. See a sales associate in store for full contest details.