The Hottest Patterns and Prints for 2018

February 13, 2018 by Leanne

At long last, traditional neutrals are stepping back as colour comes forward in our homes – in rich jewel tones, warm shades like terra cotta and colours that act as neutrals (like sage and navy). With this joyous refocus on colour also comes a renewed interest in patterns and prints.

Barten Collection

Barten Collection coming soon!

What are the latest trends in patterns? How can you integrate them into your home? Read on!

Geometrics. 2018 makes a nod to retro 1960’s and 1970’s décor with a wide range of geometrics on furnishings, accessories, walls and even ceilings! Classic stripes are abundant, as well as triangles, chevrons and the most trendy of all, the beloved circle.

Greenery. A love affair with house plants and all things green continues in 2018, including on our upholstery. Large scale tropical leaves are the most on trend, featuring palm fronds and willowy stems.

Florals. Timeless and traditional, floral prints are always beautiful. This season, they’re big, bright and fun. Look for contrasting colours in floral draperies, cushions and furnishings.

Quatrefoil. Did you know that quatrefoil means ‘four leaves’, from the Latin quattuor? Originally referring to clover patterns, quatrefoils have come to refer to any variation of four-leafed pattern. This season they’re adorning upholstery, accessories, rugs, tiles and beyond – a beautiful mix of trend and tradition.

Ikat. If you love vibrant colour and a Bohemian sensibility, Ikat fabrics are for you. Ikat is a traditional textile dyeing technique, popular in Asia and South America. Ikat fabrics are typically bright and multi-coloured with gorgeous intricate patterns.

Texture. Combined with abundant patterns this season, you’ll also see lots of texture in fabrics. Luxe velvets, yarns, nubby wool, linen (imperfect wrinkles are also on trend!) and of course, cotton.

Townhouse Collection

Townhouse Collection

How do you bring it all together? Here are a few rules to guide you:

  • Always anchor vivid patterns with neutrals and plains. The eye must rest; too many patterns are confusing and chaotic.
  • Use juxtaposition for maximum impact – for example, florals set against the ruggedness of urban industrial or farmhouse décor.
  • A pattern in isolation looks random. Repeat one or two patterns in several elements – for example circle upholstery on sofa throw cushions can be echoed on sheer draperies with subtle circles and a circle-shaped ottoman.
  • Keep intensity consistent. Don’t display pastels against bright patterns. Instead try solids in the same palette.

Enjoy adding patterns and prints to your home this season! They will add incredible ambience.

Creating an Inspiring Home Office

February 5, 2018 by Leanne
Sutton Collection

Sutton Collection

Don’t you agree that it’s much easier to work in a beautiful space? I’m convinced that a dull, dreary home office zaps your energy, while a gorgeous room actually improves your productivity! Whether you’ve grabbed a corner of your bedroom as an office, or have a large, dedicated work area, there’s so much you can do to personalize and energize your space.

Here are some of our favourite ideas:

Choose your colours. Colours affect our moods profoundly. When you’re decorating an office, keep in mind that colour may strongly influence how you work! For example, yellow is stimulating; blue is calming and encourages concentration; green creates a sense of balance and harmony; purple is contemplative and promotes deeper thinking. A neutral office is always ‘safe’, but may not spur your creativity. Of course, always choose colours you love!

Bellamy Home Office Collection

Bellamy Home Office Collection

What’s your style? Is your home rustic, contemporary, modern or traditional? With the diverse selection of office furniture available today, your work space can beautifully complement the rest of your home. Whether you like sleek and simple, elegant glossy wood, rugged distressed wood or mostly metal – it’s available! Add a credenza if space permits to house your supplies and create a unified look.

Dress up your walls. Don’t stare into space for inspiration, gaze at a wall that will make you smile! How about graphic, bold wallpaper? Or a chalkboard wall for messages, art and ideas? Or a gallery wall of favourite images on a theme? Or even a hand painted mural of a favourite quote?

French Cafe Collection

French Cafe Collection

Pick Some Flowers. Add some on-trend green plants to purify the air and soothe your spirit or fresh cut flowers for scent and beauty. Natural elements make any room more joyful.

Sitting Pretty. Your office chair doesn’t have to be blah and boring! There are so many designs available that not only look great, but are comfortable and supportive for long periods of sitting. Wood, metal, leather, upholstered, tufted – there are endless choices.

Add Shelves. Bookcases are the office standard and are always appropriate, but open shelves may allow you to better express your individual style, including displaying your collections and your sense of whimsy – things that make work more fun! If your drawer space is limited, shelves are also a perfect place to display beautiful and functional containers for work materials, supplies, etc.

Transcend Collection

Transcend Collection

Go Luxe. Who says a home office has to be strictly practical? Choose rich jewel tones and luxe fabrics – a leather work chair, velvet accent chair, lamps with fabric shades and a thick, plush rug. Indulge!

Create your dream work space and get inspired! Who knows, the next big genius idea may be yours!