Tips & Ideas to Create Your Perfect Bedroom

July 22, 2016 by Leanne

If ever there was a room that should be all about you, it’s your bedroom. Certainly if you have a partner the decisions are joint, but it’s still all about your comfort, your enjoyment and having a space where you can retreat to at the end of a long day. The most important rule for a bedroom is do what you love! Here are a few suggestions to help create your perfect bedroom:

Mont Blanc King Low Profile Bed

Mont Blanc Collection

Select the right end tables. Unless you’re able to live minimally, choose end tables that have room for storage. I prefer a drawer or two to tuck away books, tissues, etc. Don’t assume end tables have to match. As long as there’s a common element (colour or style) to unify, go for individual tables that suit each of your needs and taste. TIP: Keep them the same height.

Invest in a quality mattress. No matter how beautiful your bedroom, the most critical element is your mattress! A quality, supportive mattress is the key to a good night’s sleep. Do your homework. There are a huge number of options available – check them out thoroughly.

Choose a focal point. Oftentimes the bed is the focal point; if so make it glorious with a fabulous headboard and linens. Other great focal points include a fireplace or a spectacular armoire.

Palisade King Upholstered Shelter Bed

Palisade Collection

Make your room conducive to sleep. There are lots of ways to make your bedroom more sleep friendly. Skip the TV set (and all electronics!), ensure the room is very dark, don’t choose bright paint and try keeping a sachet of lavender near your bed.

Carve out a nook for reading. A bedroom should have a seat other than the bed. Some like a bench at the foot of the bed, but there’s nothing more cozy and luxurious than a special chair, chaise or loveseat designated for quiet reflection or reading. TIP: Keep the chair away from closets and drawers so it doesn’t become a clothes catch-all!

Go gender neutral. Women often crave feminine bedrooms, but the truth is, a room that reflects both his and her tastes is often more elegant. Neutral colours are always appropriate with perhaps a little pop of colour to keep it interesting. Keep pastels and florals in check; they are appealing in small amounts but too much makes the room pretty rather than chic.

Spencer Collection

Spencer Collection

Display lots of pillows. Mix up the sizes, shapes and textures of your bed cushions, but arrange them as a grouping, using colour as your anchor. There’s no magic number for bed pillows, but it should look comfortable, not contrived. However, you know you’ve gone too far when getting ready for bed is an undertaking!

Show your personality. You don’t have to bow to public opinion – this is your space. Showcase the things that matter to you: a collection, a photograph, a family heirloom. A touch of whimsy is fine, but of course, you still want the space to look cohesive and harmonious.

Bring back the desk! Bedroom desks have made a comeback, retro to the days when we sat and wrote letters! Today it’s more likely catching up on emails, but the appeal of a writing desk is timeless. TIP: Keep your laptop tucked away until you need it for a clean, classic look.

Sofia Collection

Sofia Collection


How to Achieve High End, Elegant Décor: 15 Easy Tips!

July 15, 2016 by Leanne

Nothing is more enduring than traditional, elegant décor. Certainly today we insist on comfort as well as beauty, but quality furnishings, subtle accessories and classic good taste never go out of style. Here are 15 ideas to make your home look high end – and you look like a socialite!

Decor-Rest Sofa

Decor-Rest Sofa

  1. Choose neutrals. Neutral-coloured paints and fabrics exude timeless elegance. Touches of colour are welcome, but overall, stick to greys, taupes, beiges, browns, black and white.
  2. Add trim. Ceiling cornices look so polished and create a high-end look – as do pillars, seat rails, mouldings and other architectural details.
  3. Buy quality cushions. Make sure cushions are comfy, mouldable and covered in quality fabric. Don’t skimp here – spend a little more, it shows.
  4. Splurge on art. Consider limited edition prints, an original piece from a new artist or even your own black & white photos! Always frame simply.
  5. Use cloth napkins. Unless you’re serving potato chips, treat your guests to cloth napkins. Basic white is always perfect. Cloth napkins not only say elegance, they also say you care a little extra.
  6. Display fresh flowers. If your budget permits, display at least one bouquet of fresh flowers at all times. Daisies and carnations are long lasting, affordable and quite lovely.
  7. Indulge in the powder room. Offer your guests a soft, luxurious hand towel and fancy hand cream. Trust me, they’ll notice!
  8. Burn candle wicks. This is one of my favourite tips! Even if your candles are strictly for display, always burn the wick to give them a used look, rather than kept for occasions.
  9. Have a luxury focal point. Better to have fewer pieces of furniture than to buy low quality. Build your home around well-crafted pieces; even go opulent here and there with focal point furnishings that make a room extraordinary.
  10. Showcase your treasures. If you travel, display artifacts from your adventures – or fake it with the fabulous exotic accent pieces now available. Hobby displays like cameras also exude affluence.
  11. Pick tufted pieces. Tufted chairs, ottomans, headboards and sofas are very on trend right now but have been a staple in elegant homes for many years. So chic.
  12. Get a rug that fits. Too small rugs look scanty and sparse. Be sure at least the front legs of your furniture extend over the rug for a feeling of abundance.
  13. Move furniture from the walls. Even a small room looks more spacious (i.e. higher end) when the furnishings move forward. Create a conversation nook by bringing a chair or sofa inward.
  14. Go big with accessories. High-end homes have minimal clutter and trinkets. Choose statement accessories and wall hangings with impact. If you have smaller items, group them as a collection.
  15. Hang draperies generously. Elegant homes have draperies that look and feel ample and plentiful. Your draperies should be at least 3 times the width of the window and puddle slightly on the floor. Choose quality fabric.

Whatever your budget, you can achieve an elegant home that’s smart and sophisticated!