Velvet is trending again… and it’s as beautiful as ever!

January 20, 2017 by Michelle Katzirz

Few fabrics have the sophistication of velvet – its enduring beauty has inspired fashion, décor and even songs for centuries! Is it the way it reflects light, the way it feels or the way it instantly adds glamour? Whatever the reason, velvet never seems to fall out of favour, but right now, it’s especially trendy. Let’s explore the wonderful world of velvet and how to add its allure to your home.

A bit about velvet. Velvet’s distinctive pile can be made from synthetic or natural fibres, including silk. Pure silk velvet is very rare and expensive. Cotton velvet is also available but of course, it’s far less luxurious. Most velvet today is made from polyester, nylon, viscose and acetate, sometimes combined with natural fibres. Velvet’s unique softness and appearance was historically associated with royalty, dating back as far as the 700s! Today velvet is still the pinnacle of elegance, yet it’s become infinitely more accessible.

"Purrr-Fect" High Back Accent Arm Chair with Animal Print

“Purrr-Fect” High Back Accent Arm Chair with Animal Print

Velvet upholstery. Furnishings made with velvet are oh-so-luxe, yet thanks to modern cleaning methods, surprisingly practical. Whether it’s a sofa, sectional, accent chair, dining room chairs, ottoman, bar stool or bed headboard, velvet is showing up everywhere in home furnishings! It’s often tufted or adorned with buttons for a traditional look. Velvet can be mixed with wood accents or metal, straight or curved legs, in various décor styles, creating many different vibes. One of the hottest trends is mixing velvet pieces with leather furniture – a sensual, masculine meets feminine combination.

Natuzzi Velvet Accent Chair and Ottoman

Natuzzi Velvet Accent Chair and Ottoman

What colours to choose? Velvet is stunning in any colour, but for this season, jewel tones lead the way. Emerald, sapphire, fuchsia, ruby, amethyst – rich jewel tones accentuate velvet’s dramatic texture beautifully. Mix and match jewel tones for a Bohemian effect. More of a neutral fan? Grey velvet is the peak of sophistication. Patterned fabrics of all kinds are popular too and add a touch of whimsy, making velvet – dare we say – fun!

Queen Franklin Street Bed in Grey Cloud Velvet

Queen Franklin Street Bed in Grey Cloud Velvet

Shy to commit? If you’re not ready for velvet furniture, why not try velvet accessories? Pillows are a great place to start or perhaps a versatile pouf for your living room. How about custom velvet drapes or a velvet duvet?

But won’t velvet wear? Today’s velvet isn’t as delicate it looks, but of course, it wears. But like many fine things, age enhances its attractiveness. Worn velvet has its own charm and suits the casual, laidback styling so many of us love these days.

Layla Collection

Layla Collection

Worried about overkill? If you don’t want your home to look dated or contrived, don’t go overboard with velvet! A show stopping velvet sofa, mixed with cool metal furniture, may be all you need! Juxtaposition of contemporary elements against velvet’s traditional beauty is the perfect mix.

One thing we didn’t mention, velvet is super cozy. With winter well upon us, that may be one of its best attributes! Add velvet to your home and enjoy!

Scandinavian Décor: Bring Simple Beauty to Your Space

January 18, 2017 by Michelle Katzirz

Scandinavian décor is enjoying a resurgence in popularity and it’s no surprise. Mid-century minimalist in tone, clean lines, casual comfort and a light airiness are hallmarks of this look, yet there’s also a feeling of coziness. It’s easy to achieve and blends well with other décor styles. What’s more, Scandinavian décor is perfect for Canadians – we share similar weather and the same need to extend our summers and make winter more bearable with a warm, welcoming home.

If you want to give your home a Scandinavian sensibility, here are some things to consider:

Layers of neutral. There’s nothing boring about neutrals in a Scandinavian home! Typically the palette is light – lots of white, ivory and grey. The trick is in layering. You’ll see lots of shades of the same neutral colour, used in different patterns and elements; touches of richer neutrals like camel and black are often added for zest.

Chesapeake Contemporary Swivel Glider Recliner

Chesapeake Contemporary Swivel Glider Recliner

Texture. Scandinavian spaces make extensive use of many textures to create visual and tactile interest. Shag or jute rugs, wood floors, a mohair throw, a classic leather sofa – this type of mixing makes a space look varied and diverse even with a basic neutral palette.

Studio 7H Leg Table

Studio 7H Leg Table

Bring nature in. With short summers and long winters, Scandinavians enjoy plenty of plants in their homes – lush and tropical, cacti or large floors plants. Driftwood and wood accessories are also popular.

Wood floors. In keeping with the natural look, wood floors are a staple in Scandinavian décor. Rugged, distressed, wide plank floors are on trend, preferably light woods over dark.

Blue as an accent. Scandinavians love lots of lots of neutrals, but they’re not immune to the beautiful impact of colour. Their favourite shade?  Definitely blue – whether bright cobalt, turquoise or popular French blue.

Moe's Tiburon Collection

Moe’s Tiburon Collection

Globed lights. Whatever material you choose, copper, nickel, bright brass or even paper, large globed lights (often used in groupings) bring whimsy and welcome curves to a largely angular aesthetic.

Negative space. Perhaps the most attractive aspect of Scandinavian styling is that it never seems cluttered or crowded. Even with lots of furniture, care is always taken to make use of negative space, with plenty of ‘flow’ around each piece. The effect is soothing on the eyes, yet still interesting.

Plenty of light. Let every bit of natural light in your space with sheer, barely there curtains or none at all! Blinds for evening are a nice option for coziness and privacy, but during the day, soak up the sunshine!

A bit of Boho. As mentioned, other styles blend well with Scandinavian – whether transitional, contemporary or somewhere in between. Perhaps the best look to complement Scandinavian is Bohemian. The aesthetic is similar, very laid back and very livable.

Moe's Circa Open Book Shelf with Iron Frame

Moe’s Circa Open Book Shelf with Iron Frame

Get started today on adding Scandinavian touches to your home – it’s fresh, fun and fabulous!