Introducing the Plank Road Collection: Where Vintage Meets Contemporary

January 26, 2018 by Leanne

The word ‘plank’ conjures up images of timeworn timber; of wood lovingly etched through use and age. That appears to be the inspiration behind Plank Road, a new furniture line that brings heritage and quality together beautifully. Plank Road is vintage farmhouse and factory industrial combined, yet with a thoroughly modern sensibility. Let’s look closer…

Plank Road Counter Height Dining Collection

Plank Road Counter Height Dining Collection


This manufacturer proudly stays true to its roots, dating back to 1946. Plank Road is crafted, not contrived; it’s constructed simply, showcasing the wood’s grain, rough hewn character and uneven plank design.


Solid woods like New Zealand Pine bring sturdy beauty to this line, made in the tradition that cabinet makers have been using for centuries. There are no fussy details, no unnecessary embellishment. The lines are clean and the palette neutral, allowing texture to take centre stage.

Plank Road Dining Collection

Plank Road Dining Collection on display at our Stoney Creek location.


‘Nostalgic’, ‘cozy’, ‘casual’ and ‘organic’ – these words describe the old meets new feeling of Plank Road. Each piece has a unique character than brings understated charm to any space and style, from modern to traditional.


Two finishes come together to tell the Plank Road story – Stone, a natural brown that lightly shades the natural pine and Charcoal, a grey hue that adds contrast and weathering.

Plank Road Bedroom Collection

Plank Road Bedroom Collection on display at our Stoney Creek location.


Beds, dressers, dining tables and chairs, side boards and cabinets in multiple styles form the foundation of the line. The pieces integrate seamlessly with many other home furnishings, or can be bought as an ensemble to complete a room.


While the look is rugged vintage, modern lifestyles are at the heart of Plank Road. For example, a counter height dining set make meals casual and laid back while built-in outlets in select storage pieces make it easy to stay connected. There’s care, passion and thought behind every Plank Road piece – and it clearly shows.

Are you looking for furnishings with vintage appeal, quality craftsmanship and timeless style? Come in to Stoney Creek Furniture today and take a stroll down Plank Road!

Hygge and Wabi-Sabi: What They Are and How to Experience Them in Your Home

January 19, 2018 by Leanne

Have you heard of hygge and wabi-sabi? They are lifestyle/décor approaches that are rooted in very different cultures, yet they encompass philosophies that are beautifully intertwined. Both are about appreciating simplicity, embracing comfort and finding joy in everyday pleasures. Hygge and wabi-sabi are trending right now, yet they reflect an aesthetic that is timeless. Sound interesting? Here’s more information about each concept – and how you can bring hygge and wabi-sabi sensibilities to your home.


Hygge is all about being comfortable, cozy, content and peaceful. Layer with pillows, throws and warm textures.

Hygge is a Danish word used to describe a special feeling or moment.

It’s a way of living for the Danes and an important part of their culture. Some say it’s the ‘art of creating intimacy’. Hygge is all about being comfortable, cozy, content and peaceful, whether alone or with friends and family. Hygge is not something you buy, although some items can certainly help foster the feel-good of hygge. Like wabi-sabi, hygge isn’t artificial or contrived; it simply is. That said, here are a few ideas to help set the stage for hygge in your home:

    • Plenty of pillows, throws and cushions in soft fabrics.
    • Lots of candles – and a real fireplace would be nice!
    • Comfortable, generous furnishings to cuddle up in.
    • An armchair in a corner for reading.
    • Knitted and handcrafted items.
    • A simple wood dining room table and comfy chairs to host dinner parties with friends.

Wabi-sabi is ancient idea founded in Zen Buddhism.

It’s about appreciating the beauty of the imperfect, whether through wear, age or use. It’s in opposition to our modern obsession with perfection and organization – instead welcoming flaws, cracks and idiosyncrasies. Wabi-sabi isn’t linear or symmetrical; rather it’s wonderfully random and easy-to-live with. It’s about not sweating the details – a little rust and a few paint chips are fine. It’s about seeing the story behind the flaws and enjoying it. How can you bring wabi-sabi to your home?

    • Blend vintage and heirloom with newer pieces – eclectic is welcome.
    • Handmade is perfect – and remember, natural is best, like pottery for example.
    • Exposed brick and beams suit this style.
    • Leather and furnishings with distressing or mark are on trend, but the distressing should come from natural wear.
    • Choose wood grains that are uneven.
    • Look for organic and natural materials like cotton and linen – a little wrinkling is good!
    • The key word is ‘authentic’ – wabi-sabi is never pretentious or fake.
    • Neutral décor works well with wabi-sabi, keeping the palette muted and subtle.

What’s truly beautiful about hygge and wabi-sabi is that they both focus on acceptance and simplicity – enjoying life in the moment and not obsessing about perfection. They take a genuine approach to home décor that creates a perfect escape from today’s demanding world…