How to Get the Industrial Look (Loft Optional!)

August 18, 2017

Ever look longingly at pictures of city lofts and converted factories? The rugged beauty and urban sensibility of these spaces is definitely envy worthy and of course, perfect for industrial decor. But before you abandon hope of enjoying industrial style in your ‘regular’ house, read on. Industrial chic is more attainable than you think! The […]

Transitional Decor: Why it’s so popular and how to get the look in your home

August 4, 2017

If you haven’t heard yet, transitional decor is the design style today. What makes it so popular? It’s a beautiful mix of country and urban, masculine and feminine, old and new. There’s plenty of structure, yet lots of room for individuality. Transitional is halfway between contemporary and traditional. Fresh and confident yet never brash; intimate […]