Meet Fall’s Trendiest Neutral: Chocolate Brown (and a hint of Blush Pink!)

The name Chocolate Brown conjures up images of warmth, coziness and even deliciousness! Brown was once the most-overlooked colour – reserved for dated wall panelling and drab sofas. Today, chocolate brown is changing our attitude. Chocolate brown is rich and exciting, perhaps even a little sexy.

Here’s why it’s this season favourite neutral:

Magnolia Home Boho Collection

Magnolia Home Boho Collection

  • Works in any décor style. Chocolate brown is very versatile. While we often associate it with traditional décor, it performs just as well in a modern or transitional setting (or just about anywhere). Brown can be spicy, cool or romantic depending on the furnishings you choose and the colours, finishes and metals you pair it with.
  • Provides a foundation. Chocolate brown’s neutrality makes it a perfect foundation to highlight art, furniture, architectural details, etc. Consider bold art on a chocolate brown accent wall, a gold metallic table on a chocolate brown rug or bright white pillars and trim in a room painted chocolate brown. While never boring, chocolate brown’s straightforward nature makes every colour near it spring to life.

    Warm, brown leather Natuzzi Editions sofa in a chocolate panelled room

    Warm, brown leather Natuzzi Editions sofa in a chocolate brown room

  • Exudes stability, earthiness and calmness. Brown is a soothing colour with a legacy of security, relaxation and genuineness. What beautiful sentiments to convey in your home! A space with chocolate brown tones is welcoming and warm; elegant but without pretense.
  • Represents nature. Adding to its allure, chocolate brown is a natural hue – it’s the colour of many woods and is a classic, forever-stylish furniture choice. Consider the beauty of a dining table, coffee table or bedroom dresser in a timeless dark wood.

    Cozy two-piece sofa chaise

    Cozy two-piece sofa chaise in a soft brown

  • Ideal for upholstery. Beyond wood, chocolate brown is also incredibly popular for upholstery – and for good reason. It stands the test of time, looking stylish for years while you update the paint colours, accessories and accent pieces around it. Look for gorgeous brown leather or suede sofas, tweeds, rich cottons and luxe velvets.
  • Makes other colours richer. When you pair virtually any colour with chocolate brown, you give it a shot of sophistication. Pastels, turquoise, coral, yellow – all of these pretty shades get a little more glamourous when they sit beside chocolate brown. Try adding brown accents for instant chic.

And Now…Blush Pink!

In complete juxtaposition to chocolate brown, blush pink is also trendy this fall. Not only does it look spectacular with chocolate brown, it’s fun, hip and totally unexpected as a fall colour. Choose blush pink for accessories to brighten up a neutral room or go all out with blush walls. Blush pink is also a fresh choice for an accent chair, rug or draperies for a touch of summer year round. HINT: A blush pink ceiling adds ambience and charm to a space.

This fall, consider chocolate brown as a foundation or accent colour for your home. You’ll be amazed at how stunning the results are!

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