Grey Finished Furnishings: Going from Trendy to Timeless

We’re seeing more and more grey finished furnishings this season – in bedroom, dining room and accent pieces too. It’s an exciting trend. And while brown and blonde woods are timeless, grey finishes appear to be taking their own place as classics.

Here’s why we love grey finishes:

Grey suits many décor styles. Sleek and smooth or weathered and distressed, what’s your favourite finish for grey furniture? Whether your style is modern, country chic, or something in between, grey works. Consider the bedroom featured below. It’s contemporary, yet has a rustic touch. The weathered gray showcases the grains of the oak veneers, for a distinctive ‘old means new feeling’ that’s works perfectly for a transitional space.

grey finished furnishings

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Grey adds texture and dimension to furniture. Grey brings the nuances of furniture forward, highlighting the details of the wood. The neutrality of grey makes the colour recede and the character of the wood emerge. It’s subtle, yet spectacular.

Grey looks amazing with black, today’s hippest neutral. Whether on walls, appliances or accessories, black is definitely this season’s ‘it’ neutral. But grey continues to dominate. A gentler neutral, grey furniture is less extreme than black – and will stand the test of time in your home.

grey finished furnishings

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Grey awakens metallics. Grey complements metallics, whether silver and pewter or brass and copper. The quiet neutrality of grey showcases the shimmer of metallics, whereas more dramatic colours would compete for attention.

Grey is diverse. Don’t limit your thinking about grey! It’s a surprisingly diverse colour, going from very warm to cool, from very light to dramatically dark. The mood and experience you want to create will determine your ideal shade of grey for furnishings and beyond. For example, look at the gorgeous bedroom featured with the lush smoky finish. It’s Asian influenced, clean, tailored and sleek. It creates a modern, glamourous feeling.

grey finished furnishings

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Grey is versatile. Grey furnishings blend well with almost any décor palette, softening brights, complementing other neutrals, grounding jewel tones and enriching pastels. Some may even say that grey furnishings are more versatile than traditional woods! Grey adds instant sophistication to any shade.

Grey links other colours. Think of grey like a palate cleanse for your home! It creates a bridge between brighter colours, a welcome sigh for your senses. Grey brings disparate shades together with its sophisticated neutrality. It creates a pedestal of sorts to display other colours and more vibrant pieces, allowing them to take centre stage while it anchors the space beautifully.

If you’re considering new furniture for your bedroom, dining room – or just an accent console or cocktail table – consider grey finished furnishings. It’s a fresh alternative that will look great year after year.

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  1. I totally agree. Gray is the new black. It matches every color palette and the great thing about it is that it isn’t so closing as the black. It’s brighter and more suitable for smaller places.

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