What’s Trending in Home Decor Styles?

Many of us are familiar with the mainstream home decor styles such as Traditional, Contemporary, Country – perhaps we can even add Transitional, Industrial and Eclectic to that list. But what about emerging styles or lesser known themes? The truth is, some of the most striking home decor styles aren’t always top of mind – but they should be. Read on and get ready for a new world of possibilities.


Tucker Collection coming soon.

Tucker Collection coming soon

Ah, the ocean and the beach. This look is relaxed, comfortable and serene – a weekend escape feeling every day. The vibe is light, airy and carefree with soft neutral palettes partnered with abundant blues and greens; navy and white stripes are trademark. Windows are big and exposed; furnishings are typically light coloured and plush with lots of pillows; elements of nature like seashells and driftwood are welcome.

Glam/Hollywood Regency.

2789 Collection now available.

2789 Collection now available

Definitely not for the shy or modest, Glam is luxurious, sumptuous and dramatic. There’s no room for subtlety in this style – think bold palettes infused with purple, red, bright blue and emerald green. Furnishings are equally attention-grabbing, featuring velvet, gold metallic, tufting, ornate antiques and touches of Victorian grandeur. It’s pure opulence.

Mid-Century Modern.

Kirby Collection

Kirby Collection now available

This 1950s and 60s look is characterized by simplicity and functionality. It’s minimalist, yet definitely quirky and fun-loving. Deep colors like orange, yellow, olive green and brown are pervasive in this style. Traditionally mixed with acrylic and glass. For an updated look, mix with woods and metals. It’s fun and fresh.


Magnolia Home

Magnolia Home now available

Ultra trendy, Farmhouse has become popular not only for its down to earth aesthetic, but also because it marries so well with more modern furniture. Farmhouse pieces look lived in even when they’re brand new – worn leathers, distressed woods and muted metallics. Natural elements like beamed vaulted ceilings and reclaimed floors enhance the look. Imperfection is desirable – warmth, whimsy and a handcrafted feeling fit beautifully.


Weatherford Dining Collection

Weatherford Dining Collection now available

This old-world style is inspired by the sun-drenched coastal regions of Spain, Greece and Italy. Lots of rich blues, yellows, warm reds and terra cotta comprise the palette, reflected in textured walls and fabrics like velvet and linen. There’s a sense of history to this style, with substantial heavy furniture, often ornate, that beautifully combines elegance and comfort.

Which styles do you prefer? As you make your decorating plans for the fall, I hope this list has inspired you to explore new decorating ideas!

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