How to Incorporate Stripes in Your Home.

Stripes are timeless. They’ve always been in style and likely always will be. But don’t think classic means boring. Stripes can take on many personas. Boldly-coloured stripes are modern and daring; navy and white stripes are elegant; stripes in the same colour family are subtle and sophisticated. Why are stripes so spectacular? Read on…

Magnolia Home Parlour Chair available at Stoney Creek Furniture

Magnolia Home Striped Parlour Chair available at Stoney Creek Furniture

Stripes can change room shapes.

Vertical stripes make a room appear to have a higher ceiling. Horizontal stripes make a space feel wider and elongated. Walls painted with alternating plain and glossy stripes in the same shade give a room the illusion of greater depth. But always keep proportion in mind. A large room looks best with wide stripes; thin stripes will be dizzying. Likewise, thin stripes suit a small space where big stripes would be overwhelming.

Stripes are ideal for walls, floors, ceilings, accessories and furnishings.

How’s that for versatility? If you love stripes, consider striping your walls or using striped wallpaper. If you want a unique farmhouse look, paint stripes on rugged wood floors. For a one-of-a-kind ceiling, paint alternate stripes in a pale pastel and white. How about pink or blue? For a sofa that will look good today and down the road, consider stripes. Or for just a touch of striping, stick to accessories – you’ll find everything from striped rugs to bedding to vases to dishes to wall art!

Stripes partner perfectly with other patterns.

It depends on how adventurous you are and the effect you want to create, but generally, almost anything goes with stripes. Polka dots? Yes. Plaid? Yes. Florals? Yes. But unless you want sensory overload, be sure you use the same colour scheme across patterns and if you’re choosing florals, go dainty and muted rather than bold. For a graphic yet classic look, go for black and white stripes. They match just about everything – a neutral in disguise! TIP: Never go overboard with stripes, especially when mixing with other patterns. Keep some key elements pattern-free.

Magnolia Home Parlor Settee

Magnolia Home Striped Parlor Settee available at Stoney Creek Furniture

Stripes add interest to plain.

If you choose plain upholstery for your primary furniture pieces, stripes are a great way to add interest and dimension to your space. Whether you choose a striped ottoman, a striped accent chair or something as simple as striped lampshades and cushions, you’ll immediately notice the richness and charm stripes add to an otherwise ordinary room.

Stripes let you go a little crazy.

Like we said, stripes aren’t always conservative. Stripes can be fun and whimsical – consider stripes of varying widths and colours in a kid’s room or family room. Go horizontal, it’s quirky and fresh! TIP: Always choose contrasting colours for stripes or colours from the same family, whether bold or soft. Avoid using loud colours together like red and purple, for example.


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