5 Tips to Decorate Your Space with Ultra Violet, the 2018 Pantone Colour of the Year

Some are saying that Prince and David Bowie inspired Ultra Violet as Pantone’s 2018 Colour of the Year. Certainly, purple is associated with both of these legendary performers as it is with imagination, originality and artistry. Violet is even considered mystical, bringing to mind night skies, visionary thinking and spirituality.antone colour of the year 2018

The experts at Pantone say that Ultra Violet ‘lights the way to what is yet to come’ and is ‘a reflection of what’s needed in our world today’. Dramatic? Perhaps. But Ultra Violet is not your run of the mill colour. It’s a complex shade and even a bit of a décor challenge – but when used just right – Ultra Violet is truly magical.

Here are 5 tips to expertly illuminate your home with Ultra Violet:

  1. Blend with neutrals or pastels. The intensity of Ultra Violet is part of its allure, but it can be overwhelming in large doses. Use it with quiet neutrals like ivory, light taupe or dove grey to keep your space grounded and aesthetically calming. Pastels are also a beautiful complement to Ultra Violet – choose pale mauve/lilac, blush or very light blue. The effect is serene.
  2. Embrace the drama. If you love strong colours, instead of softening Ultra Violet, maximize its impact by pairing it with dark colours like charcoal or navy, bring in jewel tones and metallics and create a space that’s sophisticated and opulent. Violet is regal and rich – glam it up even more in velvets and silks to create a one-of-a-kind old world escape.

    The Graduate lounge chair in gorgeous violet.

  3. Use it as an accent. Accessories are the easiest way to bring the Ultra Violet trend into your home. What’s more, you need very few violet accessories to make a stunning statement. Try some throw pillows, a duvet, an ottoman, a vase, a side chair, glassware, linens, artwork, or even a kettle.
  4. Choose it for a focal point. You’ll see many pieces of furniture in violet this year. Pick something gorgeous and shape a room around it – a headboard, a tufted sofa or a hall chest. Even a single rug or abstract painting in Ultra Violet can set the tone for a space. The vibrancy of violet brings it forward to dominate a space. Keep the items around it more subtle.

    pantone colour of the year

    Only looking to add a hint of ultra violet to your home? Try some throw pillows.

  5. Add natural violet florals. There are many stunning house plants in shades of purple – Purple Passion, Coleus, Lavender, Wandering Jew and everybody’s favourite, African Violet. Fresh cut irises, hydrangea or springtime lilacs are also purple – and bring the shade to life beautifully in any home. Floral prints in violet for wallpaper and upholstery will be on trend in 2018 too. It’s fresh and fun!

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