What Does Every Room Need? Read on and Find out!

We often talk about how details make the difference in decorating, but what about the big picture? What does every room need? When you’re planning a room refresh, keep this checklist in mind. It will help make your space aesthetically pleasing and welcoming.


Even if you love a neutral palette, every room needs at least a little colour to bring it to life. Maybe it’s as subtle as a pastel throw and pillows or perhaps a statement chest in a rich jewel tone or a bolder touch with an accent wall. Colour brings joy to a space.

Kelsey Collection

Kelsey Collection


A room that’s too smooth or too ‘even’ lacks tactile interest – a vital part of fully enjoying a space. If your room has plenty of colour, you need less texture; the more neutral, the more texture you should incorporate. Choose upholstery with ‘feeling’, rugs with depth, distressed leathers, rugged floors – your sense of touch will thank you!

Starlite Collection

Starlite Collection

Art that You Love

Whether it’s an original oil painting, a limited edition print or simply a black and white photo of your family, choose art that speaks to you. It may be a beautiful mirror, a piece of driftwood or a huge abstract mural – whatever you love!

Flowers or Plants

Every space needs a touch of nature. Maybe it’s a trendy terrarium, a collection of cacti, a palm in the dining room or a Boston fern in the bathroom. Plants bring Zen to a room. HINT: Fresh cut flowers are a beautiful choice too!


Even an ultra modern space needs some wood for warmth. Whether its furniture, floors, accessories or architectural details, wood brings nature inside. With so many choices – from polished to distressed, mahogany to pine – there’s a wood finish to accent your décor style.

Easton & Griffith now available.

Easton & Griffith Collection

A Statement Piece of Furniture

A beautiful leather sectional, a gorgeous armoire, a stand out cocktail table, a spectacular headboard – as with art, choose furniture you love that gives your room personality!

Nest Theory Collection

Nest Theory Collection


Metallics are like jewellery for a room! They add visual interest and reflect light for added dimension. Do you like bright gold and brass? Sophisticated pewter? Gleaming copper? Or perhaps a mix of metals? Either way, metal adds glamour and elegance, whether in accessories, fabrics or furnishings.


Some rooms look ‘perfect’ but they simply don’t invite you to sit and enjoy. Add throws, cushions, rugs, an ottoman, accent tables and accessories to ‘fill’ a room and make it more welcoming. HINT: Arrange furniture in a U or L for conversation and bring it in from the walls to encourage intimacy.

A Touch of Your Personality

Like you, your home is one-of-a-kind. Be sure your personality shows! Showcase collections. Display family heirlooms. Let your whimsical side show. Don’t hide your books, photos and treasures from your travels – they make your home interesting and unique!

Make your home beautifully yours with these tips!

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  1. Flowers bring such vivacity and uplifting mood like no other piece of furniture ever will. Just pick the right one that matches your space. If you don’t feel like adding more color through the furniture or decor you can also add a bit of color pop through the flowers.

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