White Glorious White: The Most Versatile and Beautiful Neutral

It could be the blanket of white snow in my backyard, or maybe it’s a reaction to the abundance of dark neutrals that are on trend now – but suddenly white decor is on my mind. The classic of all classics, white never lets us down; it’s always fresh, always serene and always stunning.

Modern Collection coming soon to our stores.

Modern Collection coming soon to our stores.

Let’s talk about the virtues of white – and how it can add pure joy to your home.

White creates a feeling of spaciousness. White creates a clean, open feeling. A room that’s primarily white almost seems to vibrate with light. At the same time, it’s calming and peaceful – such a rare combination.

White decor works with many styles. Whether you like shabby chic, glam, farmhouse, modern or another style, white is perfect! Cool whites are definitely more contemporary while antique whites are more rustic. Rough and rugged furnishings work as well as sleek glass and metallics. White is so versatile!

White makes colours pop. Touches of bright colours or jewel tones in a primarily white room take centre stage. The colours appear more vibrant – consider focal pieces of furniture or accessories in purples, greens or blues – blended with tone-on-tone hues of white.

Modern Collection coming soon to our stores.

Modern Collection coming soon to our stores.

White with black. The simplicity of white with black is very impactful. Adding black accent chairs, artwork, throws, pillows or even rugs can add punch to a room. Or take it one step further with black windows and doors, faucets, cupboards or patterned tile for a modern and edgy look.

White enhances texture. An all-white space needs texture for visual interest. In fact, texture stands out more in a white room. Consider nubby fabrics like silk, velvet or tweeds; leathers and suede; shag or jute rugs; and distressed floors and furnishings. Remember, tones of white combined with other soft neutrals bring the palette to life.

Modern Collection coming soon to our stores.

Modern Collection coming soon to our stores.

White awakens metallics. White makes metallics sparkle even more. Silver and gold look especially dazzling against white, but even more subdued metals like brass and pewter look richer in a white setting. Glass and mirrors are also spectacular in a white room. Consider a cocktail table with a glass top and metallic base or a large wall mirror trimmed in gold.

White goes beyond white. White has a range of shades – from blue white through to yellow white. Mixing shades of white creates depth and visual interest. As well, white looks fabulous as the base for an all-neutral space. Keep your palette warm or cold – for example, mix blue white with silvery greys and grey taupe. Combine soft and yellow white with ivory and beige taupe.

White camouflages flaws. ‘Paint it white’ is one of my mottos. If you have an old piece of furniture or a distressed wood floor or a brick wall with wear – paint it white and watch it transform into a thing of beauty. White reflects light, giving the appearance of perfection. How wonderful is that?

I love the simplicity, purity and timelessness of white decor – try it in your space!

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